We welcome your news brief submissions and encourage you to take the opportunity to
communicate your news to the wide audience we reach. As news briefs are subject to space and other
considerations, such as our monthly theme, we cannot guarantee space in a particular issue.
If you’d like to submit, please keep these guidelines in mind:

The Basics

  • When to submit: Submit the brief by the 12th of the month prior to publication. If the brief is
    time-sensitive, make sure to submit it to coordinate with the appropriate issue. If the event in
    question occurs during the first week of the month, it’s a good idea to get the event in the issue
  • How to submit: E-mail the brief to Publisher@VoFlnatural.com as an attached Word
  • Format: Briefs should be 150 to 250 words, single spaced, with no embedded images. If
    you’d like to send an image for consideration, please include it as a separate jpeg attachment.
  • Contact information: Please include for publication any information that would be helpful to
    a reader: physical address of any business; hours or prices if relevant; event time/date/place;
    phone number and/or website.
  • Calendar events: Recurring events, unless they represent a newsworthy addition to your
    business or service, should be submitted as a calendar entry rather than a news brief.

Style Notes

  • Think “news”: News briefs must have a news angle—opening a new business, expanding
    an existing business, new training/certification, an anniversary special, a special community
    happening, etc.
  • Avoid the word “you” (second person): A news brief should read like a mini newspaper
    story, written in third person.
  • Avoid self-promotional language: While we are happy to publish your news or event, a
    news briefs should be informational; it must not read like an ad. Any statements of opinion or
    medical or health benefits must be attributed to someone
  • Editing: Natural Awakenings reserves the right to edit news briefs. Because submissions may
    need to be cut at the last minute during layout due to space limitations, we do not send proofs.