Publishers Notes

June 2019 Publisher Letter

Can you believe this year is at the halfway point? It seems like only a few weeks ago we were raising glasses to the start of 2019. Time flies when you’re having fun; and I must admit I’m having the time of my life this year. Spring was exceptional, with cool mornings and balmy nights. While it’s still too cool for a dip in the ocean, the ocean breezes make horseback riding on Flagler Beach divine. Taking time for self-care

May 2019 Publisher Letter

Welcome to our May edition, emphasizing women’s health, self-care and mindfulness. My wish for all of you, dear readers, is to develop a self-care routine that honors your mind, body and spirit. Both women and men will benefit from our feature article “Her Soul in Bloom: Self-Care for All Stages of Life.” Start each day with a small dose of me-time, take short me-breaks during your day, and feel the return to balance between caring for others and yourself. Our annual

April 2019 Publisher Letter

Welcome to April and our annual celebration of Earth Day, a rite of spring that marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement on April 22, 1970. Much of this edition will remind us that sustainability isn’t a vague, esoteric concept, but a critical factor in our very survival. The Earth Day Network has chosen to focus this year’s campaign on protection of species to raise awareness of the crucial roles that plants and animals play in the ecosystem and the

March 2019 Publisher Letter

Spring. It’s glory touches us in so many ways. Our most perfect weather days are here to savor for a short season. Windows fly open to welcome in sunshine and fresh air. Nights are crisp, yet balmy. Mornings welcome us with the sights and sounds of new life. All of nature is beckoning us outside. Trees and shrubs have tender sprouts and baby leaves. Unseen miracles are happening everywhere; eggs are hatching, forest animals are nursing their young, and insects

February 2019 Publisher Letter

February is in the air! Just thinking about the season of love gives my spirit a lift. Delectable chocolates, fresh flowers, and loving kindness will be spread throughout the land on Valentine’s Day, and I look forward to relishing in all the good juju that’s being generated in honor of this holiday. Even in this digital era, February 14 is still the biggest day for greeting card sales. Spreading Valentine love extends way beyond family and intimate partnerships. Could it be

January 2019 Publisher Letter

Every brand-new year is like a 12-chapter book of blank pages, a continuation of our life’s story waiting to unfold. The newness of each year beckons us to make resolutions, decisions and changes in our life’s path. How will we make decisions with confidence and then manifest the things we intend for this year? Pushing past our natural resistance to change is hard. No doubt we’ve all looked back at our resolutions in past years with a sigh. This past

December 2018 Publisher Letter

It’s the season for peace and joy, but sometimes it feels like the season of frantic and frazzled. It’s so easy to get swept into the constantly turning holiday wheel, with events several nights each week, making plans and lists, entertaining family and friends, shopping, cooking and taking care of everyone except yourself. Perhaps your holiday plans require traveling to faraway places, through busy airports or on crowded highways, luggage bulging with gifts. The expectations upon us can be overwhelming. It’s

November 2018 Publisher Letter

There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy. ~Ralph H. Blum Let’s all make it our chief mission to get through this holiday season feeling blissful and energized instead of stressed and frazzled. It’s simple, really. Immerse yourself in gratitude. I love setting aside November to practice gratitude. What better way to prepare for the season of giving than to focus attention on the countless ways we’ve been blessed. Practicing mindful gratitude will open your heart and

October 2018 Publisher Letter

I love autumn for the way it illustrates beauty within change. This shortest of seasons is a transitional period, offering time to renew and define what you want to embrace and expand, and what you’re going to let fade away like a summer tan. October is our month to center and ground before the bustle of the holiday season sweeps us toward a new year. Take extra time to meditate or simply enjoy your own company. Start practicing the recipes

September 2018 Publisher Letter

I hope your summer was filled with exciting adventures and some much needed rest and relaxation. Does the arrival of September bring changes to your routine? Whether it’s back to school, back to work, or simply putting white shoes and purses away until May, you’re going to feel an energy shift this month. The Autumn equinox on Sept 22 marks the official transition from summer to fall. As the sun crosses the celestial equator, the seasonal wheel turns. Days will begin to shorten