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Carl Seaver

Carl Seaver
1437 N US Hwy 1, ste C8
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

The purpose of my work, as a professional Medium, is to help you connect to your loved one(s) in The Spirit World. Think of this as a reunion of souls. I do this in a straight forward and compassionate way so you may be healed and comforted with the knowledge the soul is eternal, and we live on after this physical world.

I provide validating and undeniable evidence the people you knew and loved here in this physical world are still with you and are still a part of your life. Those in Spirit will never miss a thing that occurs in our lives, here in the physical world.

My role as a Psychic is to share information about your potentials, as well as things that may be blocking you from achieving the life of your dreams. I am able to provide verifiable evidence about things you have done, and many times about things you are preparing to do.

You will leave with a sense of knowing you are capable of achieving your dreams. You will be inspired and hopeful again, knowing you are provided and equipped with what it takes for you to continue on your journey in the most successful way. My Psychic and Mediumship experiences have led me to another passion of mine, which is teaching Mediumship and Psychic Development to students of varying levels. Whether you have had little or no experience at all, or have been doing this work in a professional capacity, my tutelage and classes are designed with fun, practical, yet always challenging exercises that will help you become the best Psychic and Medium you are capable of being.

Many years ago I promised myself I would always trust, follow, and rely upon my intuition. The deciding catalyst was in 1988 when I had a 30-minute conversation with my grandfather, 3 months after his passing. It was then I understood I had the ability to communicate with The Spirit World. It was also in this moment I realized my life was meant to have a greater purpose.