July 2019 Publisher Letter

Agriculture takes center stage this month with fresh perspectives on where and how we produce our food and why it matters. Are you ready to consider growing your own food? With tainted crops making headlines regularly there’s an urgent need to explore self-sufficiency.

May 2019 Publisher Letter

Welcome to our May edition, emphasizing women’s health, self-care and mindfulness. My wish for all of you, dear readers, is to develop a self-care routine that honors your mind, body and spirit. Both women and men will benefit from our

April 2019 Publisher Letter

Welcome to April and our annual celebration of Earth Day, a rite of spring that marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement on April 22, 1970. Much of this edition will remind us that sustainability isn’t a vague, esoteric

March 2019 Publisher Letter

Spring. It’s glory touches us in so many ways. Our most perfect weather days are here to savor for a short season. Windows fly open to welcome in sunshine and fresh air. Nights are crisp, yet balmy. Mornings welcome us