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Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life

Angel Latterell is a certified guide and healer in the Lineage of King Salomon, as well as a life and legacy planning attorney and transformational coach. She has been helping individuals create intentional joyful lives, accomplish their dreams and overcome the negative effect of stress and anxiety for more than 10 years.

“Unlike traditional coaching or therapy, I offer tools that you can use in your daily life that give you the ability to self-heal. The energy healing services provide the additional boost, alignment, clarity and release necessary to get you over obstacles,” she advises. “My services provide you with the three pillars that allow you to grow beyond your limitations and accomplish your goals: these are knowledge, practical protocols/tools/daily practices and finally, healing of the whole being.

“Depending on your particular goal or challenge or unique circumstance, I have a package that will help you reach your objective. I guarantee that if you apply the practices like I did and you don’t achieve your result, I will work with you until you do because the tools I share with my clients work when they are used.”

Latterell believes that the human body is more than we see in the physical, and that and there are ways that we can start working with it that just like any physical exercise routine will make us stronger, healthier and more resilient, including more mental clarity, less stress, more peace of mind, positive thoughts, more time and energy, and other forms of abundance.

“The means to do this, just like weight training or training to run a marathon, requires daily application of a series of tools,” says Latterell. “But if you use them as I’ve provided and support you in practicing, you will not only begin to enjoy your life more, but find yourself intentionally creating a life you really want to live to its fullest.”

At the end of January, Latterell will be launching her center in World Golf Village Plaza within the Trinity Spa & Suites, offering weekly meditation classes, private sessions, coaching and other tools such as a monthly Empower Thyself Class.

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