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Accessing the Theta Brainwave State

Moly Hines is a certified level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner and owner of Higher Love Healing. After experiencing the powerful healing effects of QHHT for herself, she says, “I was fascinated by Dolores Cannon’s method of interacting directly with the higher self to access deep healing, divine guidance and answers to lifelong questions. I felt called to share it with as many as possible.”

QHHT is a unique method of hypnosis which accesses the deepest level of trance, the theta brainwave state. Clients may explore past, present and even probable future lifetimes, which are held deep within their soul’s memory. Benefits of QHHT may include physical healing, releasing emotional traumas, spiritual guidance, eliminating fears or phobias, improving relationships, aligning with one’s life purpose and strengthening intuitive connection.

“Each of my clients is warmly welcomed into a peaceful and comfortable setting. During our time together, I listen and hold space for them to share their life experiences and personal concerns in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  This helps prepare them to relax and open their heart to the wisdom of their higher consciousness during the hypnosis,” Hines explains.

She advises, “Every QHHT session is beautiful and miraculous in its own way, perfectly customized to each person’s life path and what they’re looking to find. There is so much transformative power that lies within us, and QHHT allows us access to it!  I also offer monthly workshops where individuals can experience a lighter trance state much like meditation, which is a fun and easy way to try out hypnosis in a group setting.”

Higher Love Healing is located at 4210 Valley Ridge Blvd., in Ponte Vedra. For more information, call 586-872-6236 or visit