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Winning the War on Cancer: Major Upcoming Conference in Jacksonville

Maison Beljanski was initially named Natural Source International, Ltd. until the purchase of the building in the heart of New York City that became known as Maison Beljanski, offering the Beljanski® Products. Hailed by people worldwide that have sought support in coping with cancer and other chronic diseases, it’s an exceptional line of plant-based supplements developed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski, for more than 26 years, stemming from his legacy of 40 years of cutting-edge, pioneering and revolutionary research. 

The company attests that as the body has the power to repair itself with the proper support, specific extraction procedures can yield selective extracts that will not harm healthy cells, but support eliminating unhealthy ones. Rather than advocating for an either/or choice between conventional and natural treatments, Maison Beljanski emphasizes the importance of combining both approaches to achieve optimal health outcomes, thus offering a comprehensive and holistic solution for individuals seeking improved health and overall well-being.

Along with providing healthy products, Maison Beljanski gives back to society and community through philanthropic efforts such as supporting cancer research and related educational events. By offering seminars and workshops, and organizing conferences, they equip people with helpful information for them to confidently take charge of their own health journeys.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the company’s operations is its unwavering commitment to rigorous scientific research and work with esteemed scientists and researchers. This dedication ensures that all of its innovations are backed by sound science, instilling confidence in both healthcare professionals and individuals seeking natural alternatives.

Maison Beljanski is the platinum sponsor of “Winning the War on Cancer”—The Beljanski Integrative Cancer Conference, taking place October 13 to 15, 2023, in Jacksonville. This project results from the partnership between the nonprofit Beljanski Foundation, Panacea Community and Healing Life International.

The main purpose of the conference is to fund a new breakthrough cancer research program on breast cancer stem cells (BCSC), the presence of which is a critical contributing factor to the recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer. Unlike regular cancer cells, which can be targeted by chemotherapy and radiation therapy, BCSCs possess the unique ability to evade these treatments, leading to tumor regrowth and metastasis. Hence, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the biology and behavior of BCSCs is imperative for devising more effective breast cancer treatments.

Conference attendees—cancer patients, caretakers, doctors, coaches and experts along with others wanting to learn about preventing or healing cancer using functional and integrative medicine—will learn how to prevent and heal cancer using natural, holistic and integrative methods from world-leading doctors and cancer conquerors. The event will be marked by education, inspiration, community, networking, presentations, workshops, technology, scientific breakthroughs, entertainment, fundraising and a “dress to impress” gala dinner.

The Beljanski Foundation aims to study the combined effects of three botanicals—Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and green tea extract—in inhibiting breast cancer stem cells. This novel approach presents promising possibilities, but further research is necessary to understand any potential limitations or side effects.

By providing scientists with essential samples for their research programs, Maison Beljanski strives to make a meaningful impact in the ongoing fight against cancer. With a strong commitment to scientific rigor and excellence, the company strives to empower individuals with safe and effective natural solutions for different health challenges, staying true to its mission of advancing holistic approaches to wellness.

Natural Awakenings readers receive 10 percent off in-person or virtual tickets for the conference with the promo code NATURALAWAKENINGS. Location: Southbank Hotel, 1515 Prudential Dr., Jacksonville. For more information or to register, call 212-308-7066, email [email protected] or visit and