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March 2023 Edition is Hot Off the Press!

Feb 27, 2023 03:05PM ● By Rebecca Young

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Hello and welcome to our March edition. Spring is a glorious time to enjoy outdoor activities in Central Florida. It’s also is the perfect time to remember that we are what we eat. Are you planting your spring and early summer garden this month? From the many varieties of delicate lettuce and greens to versatile and powerful herbs like oregano, thyme and basil, a single raised bed can provide months of daily salad. for you and your extended family. 

The healing and regenerative power of organic, freshly harvested produce may be life changing, especially for those with chronic illness. Our wise ways section features Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles. Wahls promotes several large daily servings of freshly harvested vegetables and fruit, and coined the term, “Mind your Mitochondria”. Our food is converted to energy by mitochondria. Besides this, mitochondria is also responsible for regulating the metabolic activity of the cell, promoting cell multiplication and cell growth. It also detoxes ammonia in the liver cells. Wahls was once confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair after being diagnosed with MS. She now enjoys an active lifestyle and rides her bike to work every day. The protocol she developed to overcome this degenerative disease is detailed in her book. Learn about her journey back to wellness and the ongoing study she’s conducting using her methods to reduce disease progression in MS patients.

Multiple Sclerosis is also the focus of healing ways this month. Tony Ferro, founder

of Change MS explores how to reduce inflammation and promote neuroregeneration

through diet modification. Autoimmune diseases like MS respond to behavioral and attitudinal

changes. Maintaining a healthy microbiome helps gut integrity, immune balance

and overall health.

Eating for kidney health is featured in conscious eating this month. One in seven

adults is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease each year. If caught early, within the first

three stages, kidneys will respond to lifestyle modifications and alternative interventions.

Combining Western treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine can have a positive

impact on even late-stage renal failure. The kidney nurturing recipes include cilantro

lime cauliflower rice. See more recipes online at

High intensity interval training is trending in the fitness industry, with several area

gyms offering short-form exercise done in intense bursts. Our fit body section describes

the benefits of high-intensity interval training. Though it may look intense, most healthy

adults are able to work up to high intensity sessions by starting slowly.

Our tech wellness feature discusses the adverse effects from cell phones, with practical

tips to mitigate your exposure. The research in this article is from The Environmental

Health Trust, a think tank promoting healthier environment through research, education

and policy.

There are many local health related events this month, featured in our local editorial

starting on page 4, and also in our calendar at the back of the magazine.

Enjoy reading, and we’ll see you in April!