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Read Our December 2022 Edition

Nov 28, 2022 09:21PM ● By Rebecca Young

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Hello and welcome to our December edition. This special time of the year is one of my favorite months, for its focus on renewing our faith and celebrating family traditions.

   The sounds of the season may be healing vibrations. Good Vibrations, through singing bowls, gongs, vocal toning, tuning forks, Solfeggio Frequencies and binaural beats are discussed in our healing ways feature on pages 16-17. For centuries, we have used sound to heal and cure. Rediscover these ancient practices!

   Miraculous recoveries and spontaneous healing from incurable disease are explored in our wise words section on pages 20-21. Board Certified psychiatrist Jeffrey Rediger has studied spontaneous healing for two decades. He holds a Master of Divinity degree and is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Rediger explains what he’s learn about beating the odds, and offers advice for anyone wanting to take charge of their mind, body and life.

    Have you tried planning pickleball yet? Read about it on our fit body section. This fun sport is quickly growing in popularity.

    You’ll love the recipes in our Merry Brunching article beginning on page 22, with more recipes online at We tried the protein pancakes with berry swirl, and will definitely make them again on Christmas morning.

Enjoy this final edition of the year. From our family to yours, we send blessings for a bright and peaceful holiday season.