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Spotlight on Palm Coast Acupuncture and Chiropractic



his month’s spotlight is on a dynamic healing duo, Bryan Schuerlein, DC, and Heather Schuerlein, DACM, owners of Palm Coast Acupuncture and Chiropractic. They have been a couple since meeting on the campus shared by Bryan’s chiropractic college and Heather’s acupuncture college. Both have earned doctorate degrees, with each pursuing additional advanced training and certifications.

    Bryan has known since grade school that he would choose a career that would enable him to help others. His family has a legacy of serving others through church, public service, and civic organizations. His grandmother was a mayor, and the family was involved in volunteer work throughout the community. His inspiration came from an uncle who is a chiropractor. Bryan was able to shadow his uncle’s practice at the pivotal point in time while deciding his career path, and he fell in love with the medicine.

    Heather obtained her degree as a licensed massage therapist prior to deciding on a career in Chinese medicine. Plagued with debilitating menstrual problems all her adult life, one of her instructors who was an acupuncture physician offered to treat her. Within a short time, Heather noticed a dramatic improvement in her symptoms, and within several months, the issue was resolved. Heather was so impressed by her experience that she chose to pursue a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    To say they’re overachievers is an understatement. Heather is a member of the Phi Chi Omega honor society, holds two graduate degrees, and studied for her doctorate abroad in Hangzhou, China. Bryan’s 10-year education includes many areas of specialized study. He contributed to his chiropractic college’s manual on treating soft tissue conditions, and his writings are still part of the curriculum.

    Bryan and Heather combined their healing techniques right out of college. They bought and renovated a clinic near the Adirondacks with 10 treatment rooms. The facility served several practitioners, and for eight years, the practice grew under their leadership. Following her family’s move to Florida, Heather longed to be close to them, especially after the birth of their son. After Bryan’s family also moved here, they made the decision to sell their practice and start over in the Sunshine State.

    The couple have a unique way of explaining how acupuncture and chiropractic work together. Bryan works on the “hardware”, the musculoskeletal system, and Heather is the “software specialist”, working with the nervous system.

    Chiropractic doesn’t use drugs or surgery, and in medicine that’s the exception rather than the rule. “Eighty percent of the population will have back pain at some point in their life. If the only thing the healthcare system offers is a pill that has side effects, there’s a void for people that want a more natural approach,” explains Bryan.

    Chiropractors treat a gamut of conditions related to nerves, muscles and bones. “Each of us have our own specialty, and mine is motion, muscles and movement,” says Bryan. Since moving to Florida, he has helped many golfers rid their game of the number one problem faced by players of this sport worldwide: the slice. “The cause is usually limited range of motion in hip and shoulders,” Bryan explains. “Once full range of motion is achieved, the golfer can follow through and drive the ball straight down the fairway.”

    Heather is a board-certified acupuncture physician with a master’s in Chinese herbal medicine. She has completed many advanced training courses, including dietary therapy; holistic fertility; peripheral neuropathy; spinal stenosis; acupuncture injection therapy; cosmetic acupuncture; and Master Tung’s balance method for pain relief. Heather has a special interest in fertility issues. She loves helping women create their family. Seeing a patient’s face light up when they find out they’re pregnant fuels that passion, and Bryan’s advanced training in the Webster Technique enables them to work as a team throughout the pregnancy. Postpartum and breastfeeding issues are also helped with acupuncture.

    More than one condition can be treated in an acupuncture session, and many patients experience unexpected psychological benefits. Heather has helped numerous patients overcome anxiety, stress and depression. “Acupuncture puts the body into an alpha state of rest and relaxation, enabling the patient to gain a new perspective,” she explains.

    Cosmetic acupuncture is another of Heather’s specialties. Treatments cause the body to create collagen, plumping the skin and reducing lines. A more defined jawline and reduced sagging skin may be possible with this ancient and proven technique.

    Some conditions require Chinese herbal medicine in addition to or instead of acupuncture. Heather designs each remedy for the patient’s specific needs and dispenses the remedy directly from her herbal pharmacy. Rarely is a single herb used. Chinese herbs are effective for many conditions, including infections. Heather has successfully treated a multitude of issues, including urinary tract infections and even duct infections in breastfeeding mothers.

    For those experiencing pain, acupuncture and chiropractic are time-tested, clinically proven, natural, alternative techniques to gently increase blood flow and reduce pain. “Get back to the things you enjoy, without the pain,” says Heather.


Palm Coast Acupuncture and Chiropractic is located at 4879 Palm Coast Pkwy. NW, Ste. 2, in Palm Coast. For more information or to make an appointment, call 386-225-6134 or visit