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August 2022 Edition

Jul 30, 2022 07:43PM ● By Rebecca Young

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Hello and welcome to our August edition.

   Our main editorial feature puts a spotlight on raising well-rounded children. Over the past two years parents were challenged to examine the curriculum and values taught in their local schools. Parents and caregivers are realizing the need for a more broad-based education that includes artistic and cultural explorations, training in mind-body awareness, healthy eating and forging a deep connection with the natural world. Building lasting life skills must be part of a child’s education to give them confidence and resilience in a world fraught with division and conflict.

    Boosting self-confidence and praising a child go hand in hand. Or do they? In Healthy Kids, Ronica O’Hara offers advice on doling out praise in a way that increases motivation and confidence, while reinforcing character.

    Though it’s the hottest month of the year, our proximity to the ocean, rivers and freshwater springs makes it possible to be in nature for exercise, fresh air and the opportunity to quiet the internal chatter that too often consumes our daily life. Focusing on breathing and listening for nature sounds, we tap into nature’s vibrancy.

    The scents of nature, bottled as essential oils offer anxiety relief by triggering the release of calming neurochemicals such as GABA, in the nerve centers of the brain. Essential oils may be inhaled or applied to skin. Top choices are bergamot, clary, sage, frankincense, lavender, lemon balm, neroli, rose and ylang ylang. Learn more about essential oils in Healthy Ways.

    Our Inspiration article features celebrity coach and author of The Art of Having It All, Christy Whitman. The power of our words in relationships with ourselves and others, our goals and the ease or difficulty we experience in life are among important topics covered by Whitman.

    These and many other timely articles await you in this August edition. See our website for even more content.

 We’ll see you in September.