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Fertilize Like a Floridian

Jun 02, 2022 01:46PM ● By Rebecca Young
In Florida, summer rains wash fertilizers with nitrogen and phosphorus into our lakes and rivers, damaging what makes this state so beautiful. That’s why it’s illegal in Volusia County to use fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorus during the summer rainy season, and why slow-release is required the rest of the year. The good news is there are lots of ways to keep our yards looking great while keeping algae-feeding nitrogen and phosphorus out of our waterways.

    During the summer months, we can use Florida-friendly yard products that contain iron and other micronutrients to green up our lawns; we can give our gardens a boost by adding compost, composted cow or chicken manure, or other soil amendments; and we can choose native plants because Florida-friendly landscaping needs less fertilizer, water and overall care.


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