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Natural Awakenings Magazine Daytona | Volusia | Flagler

June 2022 Edition of Natural Awakenings Volusia-Flagler

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Hello and Welcome to our June edition,

   This month we salute the men in our lives and those that have taken on traditional male roles. The ‘tough guy’ expectations are changing, thanks to changing social mores. You’ll want to read our main feature, “The Healing of the Modern Man”.

   Healing trauma with new, emerging therapies offers fresh hope for the two in three Americans that report being traumatized. In Healing Ways, Ronica O’Hara highlights modalities including talk therapy, tapping acupressure points and yoga to address past trauma and suppressed emotions.

    As we enter the hottest part of the year, it’s good to know sustainable wine and spirits are growing in both popularity and abundance. Learn how to read wine labels and discern if the product is truly earth-friendly.

    Unplugged vacation adventures are gaining in popularity as many feel the need to decrease screen time. Immersive getaways provide an escape from the virtual world and often break the cycle for those seeking to rely less on their electronics for entertainment. E-Bikes are the topic of our Fit Body this month, offering many benefits for fitness buffs.

    Raising children with empathy and compassion for others is the focus of our Healthy Kids this month. When parents and authority figures model empathy it shows children that caring for others is important, reduces bullying and sets the child up for success.

    We’re pleased to tell you about several fun events happening in June. Check out the event briefs and also our calendar section. We hope you enjoy this first edition of summer 2022.

 To your health,

 Rebecca Young, Publisher