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Natural Awakenings Magazine Daytona | Volusia | Flagler

May 2022 Edition

Welcome to our May edition! This month has special meaning to anyone fortunate enough to have raised children. It’s so fitting to celebrate motherhood in a month when new growth is all around us. You’re going to love this month’s offerings, ranging from the resilience of mothers to container gardening to fasting basics. Dive right in and also check our website for additional content.

   You’ll be inspired by a short read, ‘Mothering the World’ for the recognition of the Mother Muscle. Every word of encouragement, nourishment, praise, appreciation and affection deepens the human experience for those around us. Encouraging others to reach their innate potential is the heart of mothering.

    Resilient mothering took on new meaning during the pandemic, and mothers everywhere are still adjusting to challenges and reordering priorities. Juggling work and life with realistic expectations is essential to a balanced life. Recognize that the ongoing strains of the past two years are normal. Prioritize making kids feel emotionally safe while practicing compassionate awareness, and move forward with a sense of gratitude.

    Intermittent fasting has been part of religious and cultural practices, and is now taking its rightful place as part of a healthy lifestyle. The parameters vary depending on your individual tolerance. Almost anyone can benefit from a fast, even for just 16 hours. Learn about it in conscious eating.

    Do you love to garden but don’t have space for a garden? Easy container gardening is the focus of our green living section. From beginners to seasoned green thumbs, growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots can be cost-effective and inspiring. Children are prime candidates for container gardening. Keeping the pots close to your kitchen door makes it even easier to reach for your own fresh herbs and vegetables when preparing a meal.

    As our weather begins to heat up, the need to stay hydrated is one of the most important measures we can take to maintain health and safety. Optimum hydration is easy when you create infused water using fresh fruit, berries and herbs. Keep a pitcher of filtered water chilled, with sliced lemon, lime, berries, cucumber, mint leaves or anything else that your heart desires, and see your fluid consumption reach new levels.

    If you’re a bird lover or just enjoy hearing them outside, you’ll want to check out our natural pet section for tips on protecting small birds from felines. Domestic cats turn into predators and are the number one human-caused threat to birds in the U.S. Several solutions are offered to keep your neighborhood’s cats from preying on small birds.


Wishing you and yours a wonderful month of May.