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Keeping the Basics in Mind

Dear Readers,

As we enter the season of giving thanks and exchanging gifts, I urge you to consider the value a strong network of locally owned businesses adds to our community. Shop Local! is a cry heard from green-minded people, but what does ‘buy local’ mean? If Target is a mile from my house, does that mean I’m shopping locally? Does buying from my local supermarket count as local?

Think Independent business when you think of shopping local. We’re fortunate to have many healthy living and lifestyle businesses locally. Independent grocery stores, spas, cafés, restaurants, wellness clinics and specialty stores are just a few examples of locally owned businesses where you can find great gifts. You’ll enjoy a higher quality product in many cases when supporting a local small business.

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and employ our friends and neighbors. They are less likely to close their doors during a downturn, and more likely to invest money back into the community’s local non-profits, events, schools, and teams compared to national chains. Buying from local businesses requires less transportation which generally means less congestion, habitat loss and pollution. How many times each day does a delivery truck roar through your neighborhood? Small businesses that select inventory based on their knowledge of local interests rather than on a national sales plan will have a more relevant selection of products. Local businesses often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take time to get to know their patrons.

Keeping these basics in mind during the holidays will guarantee you’re doing your part to support your community, and that you’ll see the benefits of that support in the coming year.

This month’s conscious eating section has the feel-good ingredients that boost physical and mental health plus a healthy portion of deliciousness. From the goat cheese, honey and fig appetizer to the Cherokee cornmeal cookies, eating well to feel well is easy.

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We hope you enjoy your November edition, and remember to Shop Local this holiday season!

Rebecca Young,