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Exploring Scalar Energy

The two main energies in the universe are electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. One vast difference between the two is that electromagnetic energy degrades over time or distance. For instance, a radio wave only travels so far before the signal fades. Scalar energy, or scalar light, on the other hand, is a light wave that can travel from one side of the Earth to the other instantaneously with no loss of power. Neither time nor distance affects the power of a scalar wave; scalar waves are faster than the speed of light.

When electromagnetic energy degrades, the term used is “entropy”, while the scientific term associated with scalar energy is “syntropy”, or negative entropy. When we lose some of our life force energy due to stress or illness, we experience entropy. Vibrant health would be considered syntropy—no loss of life force. So disease states are a state of “losing light”—a human form of entropy. Scalar light instruments harness scalar energy from the sun and the stars. This vital energy is abundant in our universe and is the thread that connects all things.

The following are some of the many testimonials of clients that have benefitted from scalar light sessions:

“Thank you so much for this work! My sense of well-being has increased so naturally. I am grabbing more out of life.” – William

“Thank you, for this was the healing I needed. I feel like the scalar light trial was sent to me from above. I will be using this again as soon as I get back to work (I was in such a bad place, I had to quit my job). I feel balanced and whole again. God bless!” – Joanne

“The changes for me have been subtle. I sleep sound through the night. I have greater mental clarity. I've had diverticulitis in the past, which left me constipated. My daily elimination is normal and regular. This is a very big deal. My sinuses are clear. I've always thought I was pretty healthy, but I feel better than ever. I've signed up for 30 days. Scaler light is amazing!” – Lana

"The Scalar Energy 15-day trial, which is on day 10, has convinced me to subscribe for a year. I feel better about my future; have felt lighter in my body and spirit; and definitely felt the detox, so I know it’s working! Thank you.” – Barbara

“First of all thank you so much for the opportunity to try this free trial! The first two weeks, I felt very noticeable changes occurring in my body. I had a clear sense of well-being, more energy, tuned in with my self-care needs, and felt very positive. Also, my sleep became much deeper and longer, and I felt more refreshed in the morning. I was going for walks after dinner more and more. I can’t say enough positive things about this process. Thank you so much.”– Diane

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