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New Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Location in Orange Beach

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness—a leader in assisting individuals with looking, feeling and performing their best—now has a second Volusia County location; the new practice is located at 28 West Granada Boulevard, in Ormond Beach. Proprietor Stacia Politowicz opened the first Volusia County location in New Smyrna Beach, at 426 Canal Street, in 2019. She is ecstatic about expanding into Ormond Beach, and is committed to bringing the community a more natural approach to exceptional health and well-being.

At Prime IV, the skilled and medically licensed staff give clients a full evaluation prior to their intravenous (IV) infusion and/or injections. Each drip treatment includes a liter of fluid and electrolytes, specifically formulated with rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, which dramatically increase energy, boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, aid in muscle recovery and sleep, and even help people quickly bounce back from a hangover.

Prime IV offers 12 specialized infusions as well as more comprehensive infusions that aid in anti-aging, brain restorative recovery, illness and disease, each with high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, delivering 100 percent absorption to cells and tissues that need it most. Treatment additives are available to address specific needs, including migraines; gastroenteritis; chronic pain; autoimmune disorders; asthma; and immunity support, using high-dose vitamin C, zinc and other nutrients. “We are essential to many people’s health regimen and wellness by providing IV infusions that deliver higher doses of key nutrients directly to the bloodstream by bypassing the gut to deliver 100 percent more powerful, longer-lasting results,” affirms Politowicz.

Monthly memberships are available that include access to a VIP area with state-of-the-art zero-gravity massage chairs, and discounts on drips, nutrient additives and supplemental injections. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is committed to exceptional customer experience by providing customized infusions and protocols that dramatically improve health and well-being.

 For more information on their first-time client offer, which includes a $69 primary IV infusion, B12 injection and VIP area, or to book an appointment, call 386-872-4840 or text 389-200-1920 (Ormond Beach) or call 386-428-4848 or text 386-200-9915 (New Smyrna Beach).