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Think Yourself Happy

Hello and welcome to our August 2021 edition. This issue is packed with information to help you live your healthiest life, naturally.

Regular afternoon rainstorms have brought a wave of mosquitos. Combat them with a natural alternative to DEET. Learn about it in the eco tip on page 10.

Think Yourself Happy by Ronica O’Hara offers practical advice for living a happier, more positive life. Seven detailed steps, a daily action plan on well-being basics and online resources round out this roadmap to rewire your brain for happiness.

Working with a life coach can help unleash your true potential. In this safe environment, growth and transformation are fostered. Finding the right coach is essential. Read about it in ‘healing ways’.

Alberto Villoldo’s Shamanic healing journey is a fascinating read in ‘wise words’. He directed biological self-regulation and the effects of energy medicine on the human brain in his 20s. Learn about his views on the future of science and shamanism.

It’s the season for watersports, and the water temperature is perfect for a total body workout. Learn how paddle boarding, kayaking and rafting tones triceps, biceps, back and core muscles. Time spent on the river or ocean teaches you to be in the flow and appreciate nature while you increase fitness.

Our ‘green living’ section discusses the importance of encouraging pollinators to your yard. Sustainable gardening is dependent on pollinators delivering pollen grains from the male anther of one plant to the female stigma of another, resulting in seeds for the next generation. Rethink the perfect landscape with these essential insects in mind, and you will enjoy watching bees, moths and butterflies.

Preserving farm fresh foods in the classical methods of canning, dehydrating and fermenting is the topic of ‘conscious eating’. Whether gardening, purchasing at a farmer’s market or buying direct from a local farm, preservation is an economical way to ensure the availability of fruit and vegetables year-round. This section includes recipes for kimchi, tepache and more.

It’s back to school season, the time to take steps to ensure our children’s health and well-being. Get involved with the school board and the curriculum used in your district. Healthy, whole-foods and snacks are essential to their bodies and brain. The ‘healthy kids’ section offers suggestions for fast and easy meals.

If you have a fur baby, you’ll enjoy learning how to strengthen their immune system. A long and healthy life depends on a resilient immune system that can resist disease. In ‘natural pet’ Shawn Messonnier, DVM, offers five approaches to giving your pet the healthiest life.

We hope you enjoy your August edition.

Rebecca Young, Publisher