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Jump-starting Body and Mind

Welcome to our April edition, focusing on cleansing body, mind and spirit and creating a nurturing and safe home environment.

As we move further into this year with a pandemic still affecting us, shaking off sluggish energy and jump-starting body and mind is top priority for many. Spring detox and cleansing is explained in easy steps in our conscious eating section. You’ll love the sweet mango smoothie and vegetable soup recipes. Make plans to visit The Healing Zone for their cleansing juice of the month.

Detoxifying your living space is easily accomplished with the simple steps in our green living section. From drinking water to indoor air, a healthy home is within reach. Amish Home Furnishings is our spotlight this month. Learn how wood finishes can affect indoor air quality.

  One of Florida’s smallest backyard birds is the ruby-throated hummingbird. Learn the plants that attract these tiny fliers. Author Katie Tripp offers an extensive list of native flowers for hummingbirds in the Florida & fauna section. Native milkweeds attract and nourish hummingbirds as well as monarch, queen and soldier butterflies. Tripp explains how planting a garden with a particular animal visitor in mind is rewarding when that species makes its appearance.

Scientists who study human senses believe we may have as many as 30 senses. Sedentary, indoor lifestyles with hours of screen time block out many of the human senses, including some we don’t even know we possess. Spending family time in the woods with unstructured activity is a great way to wake up your senses. As more parents are home schooling, they’re finding nature is a wonderful teacher. Children and adults alike benefit from the sensory stimulation and effects of grounding that can only be found outdoors. Increase your outdoor time while temperatures are still moderate. Spring in Florida is the shortest season.

We hope you enjoy this April edition, and find fun things to do in our calendar.

Rebecca Young, Publisher