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Medically Supervised Weight Loss at Amethyst Wellness

Excess weight and obesity affect millions of Americans and increase the risk for chronic disease. Decreasing excess weight can help prevent disease and enhance quality of life.

Amethyst Wellness, in Palm Coast, has partnered with Panhandle Weight Loss Center to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and individualized weight-loss plans.

Successful weight loss depends on four pillars: diet, physical activity, emotional wellness and medical management. Through the Panhandle Weight Loss Center, Amethyst Wellness offers an online Rewire curriculum, a 12-week program that guides participants through proper dietary changes, advice on physical activity and behavior modification. Each week, participants learn a new lesson that focuses on one or more of these pillars.

Amethyst Wellness also offers medical management. The goal of medical management is to help individuals achieve weight loss of 5 percent at 12 weeks. While prescription weight loss can be very effective, the other factors must be addressed to allow for goal achievement and maintenance of weight loss.

In the new year, many people are motivated to institute lifestyle changes to lose weight and get healthy. While healthy lifestyle impacts many health parameters, when it comes to weight loss, only 1 percent of clients will achieve sustainable weight loss with lifestyle factors alone.

Many clients prefer a more natural approach, rather than traditional medications. Amethyst Wellness offers peptides, which are amino acids that instruct the body to perform certain tasks. Some peptide regimens can assist with weight loss by increasing the body’s secretion of growth hormone, which aids in the burning of fat and increased muscle growth.

Another more natural option is the lipo-shot, or MIC shot. Lipo-shots contain vitamins B12 and B complex, and the amino acids methionine, inositol and choline. This combination of ingredients is fat burning in nature and increases energy.

Other services complementary to weight loss that Amethyst Wellness offers include: bioidentical hormone optimization, extensive micronutrient testing, and hypnotherapy.

Hormone optimization with bioidentical testosterone can assist in weight reduction by increasing energy and lean muscle, which in turn, increases metabolism. Thyroid hormone optimization also has a direct impact on metabolism.

When on a calorie-restricted diet, many individuals can develop imbalances of micronutrients. The extensive micronutrient test by Genova labs allows one’s practitioner to identify micronutrient deficits and recommend an individualized supplement plan. Intravenous (IV) nutrition delivers micronutrients directly into the blood stream. Certain formulas may assist with increased energy and metabolism. The infusions also may help provide nutrients when on a calorie-restricted diet.

Guided hypnosis can assist with weight loss efforts by reprogramming thinking patterns to allow individuals to achieve success in their plans.

At Amethyst Wellness, practitioners are trained in healthy, safe and effective weight-loss strategies.

Location: 50 Cypress Point Pkwy., Ste. B1 and B2. For more information or a free consultation, call 386-283-4180. Also visit