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Truth Beyond Book Release

Jun 01, 2020 08:49PM ● By Rebecca Young
Reverend Judi Stetson Weaver, shamanic healer and channel, is excited to announce the release of her book Truth Beyond. The book was inspired by Weaver’s spirit guide Jamar, an Elder from the lost continent of Lemuria, who invited her to receive the wisdom of the spirit world.  

Weaver’s book is centered on messages from spiritual beings known as Lemurians that reside in Telos, an ancient city located beneath Mt. Shasta. “The Lemurians, an evolved race, no longer inhabit physical bodies, and resemble their former selves in spiritual essence. They wait patiently for humanity to open their hearts to receive their energetic signals, to impart eternal truths which will save planet Earth and raise humanity’s consciousness,” she says.  

Six women sat in meditation for months to receive the messages, and the information received was transcribed verbatim and documented. The book, according to Weaver, is an invitation to explore one’s spiritual evolution.  

Weaver is a certified healer who has practiced in the shamanic tradition for decades. She is known by her Lenape name of Grandmother Sun Spirit and holds a monthly Talking Stick open circle in the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp community on the first Saturday of each month.  


Truth Beyond is available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Video recorded sessions are available for purchase at For more information, call 386-503-4930 or visit

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