According to Asha’s Elixirs founder Sam Warren, we are the first generation of human beings to have the entire world’s knowledge of essential oils at our fingertips. For those that are into “all things natural,” he believes it’s truly a great time to be alive. “Essential oils are effective at helping us find relief from many of the aches, pains and illnesses that living in this modern world presents to us,” says this plant medicine aficionado who affirms that natural, plant-based methods are the best pharmaceuticals for a healthy, happy life.

Q: How did you become so passionate about essential oils and plant medicines?

SW: The very first product I developed is now sold as Max Pain Cream. It’s a powerful blend of more than 30 essential oils, including full-spectrum CBD oil, all hand blended in a fair-trade shea butter base. Each essential oil in the blend has a specific purpose.

Max Pain Cream started with my desire to find relief for my wife’s rheumatoid arthritis. Prescriptions weren’t an option for her, and we couldn’t find anything over the counter or online that helped with her pain for even an hour. So, I began experimenting with essential oil blends and after several years, I had something that was working for her and myself—I have maladies too!

In formulating Max Pain Cream the goal was to kill pain for hours, period. With that goal I broke pain into individual components and then attacked those with the appropriate essential oil. You can do the same thing with whatever aliment you or a loved one may be suffering from.


Q: What do you suggest a person begin with when experimenting with essential oils?

SW: Start with aromatherapy. When you’re in pain you cannot think of much else right? So, you want to calm the mind. Oils like lavender, patchouli and Ylang Ylang are great at this. For immediate relief use essential oils with analgesics properties that kill pain on contact. Try some clary sage, juniper needles or peppermint for this.

Deep penetration of essential oils can take some time. Carrier oils like sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil will speed up the absorption.

Now that the oils have penetrated, they start to do what they do—opening capillaries, relaxing arteries and providing better blood flow to the area. This also helps the area to be flushed clean. Max Pain uses a proprietary mixture of peppers to accomplish this, but you can try any pepper based essential oil for yourself, it works!


Q: Are there any oils with anti-inflammatory properties?

SW: Yes! CBD oil is number one on my list. Max Pain uses the most potent in the world; a full-spectrum, organically grown in the U.S., true medical grade CBD oil. However, there are many, many essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties and their diuretic effects can be very powerful.

It’s helpful to know that when you reduce inflammation there remains a stressed-out nerve. Nervines such as angelica root, anise or even common basil help relax and calm the nerves in the area.


Q: It sounds like there’s an essential oil that can help heal anything.

SW:  It’s true. I encourage everyone to experiment with essential oils. As I’ve grown to understand the benefits of essential oils, I find myself using them more and more in my day-to-day life. I find I quickly turn to my essential oils to provide relief and heal me from a host of minor maladies, and you can too!

Sam Warren is the founder of Asha’s Elixirs. He uses the world’s knowledge of essential oils to create synergistic blends of oils that help others find relief from some of the many aches, pains and illnesses related to living in this modern day. For more information, call 386-275-1018 or visit See ad, page 21.