Can you believe this year is at the halfway point? It seems like only a few weeks ago we were raising glasses to the start of 2019. Time flies when you’re having fun; and I must admit I’m having the time of my life this year. Spring was exceptional, with cool mornings and balmy nights. While it’s still too cool for a dip in the ocean, the ocean breezes make horseback riding on Flagler Beach divine. Taking time for self-care has expanded from eating well and working out, to doing things that bring me bliss. I hope you’re also making time to do things that bring joy into your life.

There’s so much packed into your June issue I know you’ll want to curl up and start reading. I’m excited about our new Plant Based Medicine section on pages 18-22. Learn about medicinal mushrooms, essential oils, CBD and curcumin.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, longtime CNN chief medical correspondent and author of three books is featured on page 16. He recently took an immersive journey to six countries to gain wisdom from some of the happiest and healthiest places on earth. During his travels, Gupta explored ancient traditions and modern practices that lead to a healthy and meaningful life. The resulting docuseries Chasing Life includes Gupta’s eye-opening experiences during his worldwide quest for immortality.

We can’t forget the men in our life as we celebrate Father’s Day in June.

Writer Melanie Laporte offers an insightful path to wellness in “Nature’s Toolbox: The Key to Prostate Health,” an up-to-date report on the latest approaches to treating and preventing some major problems associated with this tiny, yet highly important, gland. Marlaina Donato also offers a masculine perspective on water aerobics, a fitness regimen that was once the domain of women. “Just Add Water: Aquatic Workouts for Him” details how more men are moving to the shallow end of the pool to sculpt their bodies and tend to injured knees, stiff joints and high blood pressure with low-impact therapy.

In addition, Chris Bruno offers inspiration to fathers with his personal essay, “Fatherhood’s Pain and Glory: We Must Face Our Own Story First.”

Cerebral health knows no gender, and “Smart Strategies to Keep Dementia at Bay” is a must read for anyone dealing with or concerned about cognitive decline and memory loss. More than a third of dementia cases are preventable, so adopting risk reduction measures is a no-brainer. The New Smyrna Beach Meditation and Healing Center invites you to learn techniques to sharpen your mind and memory, energize your brain and increase your IQ. Join this lively class called Super Brain Technique being held on June 6. Check the calendar for details.

We’re already working on your July edition, and I’m super excited about an article on ceremonial cacao by our editor Erin Lehn. The practice of meditation infused with a warm mug of cacao is said to open the heart chakra and has gained popularity on the West Coast. Send us an email if you know of a venue that would like to host a ceremonial cacao meditation.

Enjoy your June edition, and we’ll see you out there!