Ormond Beach Chiropractor Wants People to Take Their Spinal Care Seriously
by Emily Blackwood

If you ask Dr. Jayme Frear why she left her decade-long career as a registered nurse to pursue chiropractic, she won’t tell you it was for the title or the higher paycheck; it’s  because the practice literally changed her family’s lives. When he was only two-years-old, Dr. Frear’s son, Bradley, was dealing with delayed communication skills and  numerous ear infections that were promised to be fixed through surgery. That instead brought on a slew of behavioral issues that ultimately led to a specialist declaring him

Frustrated with her son’s diagnosis—and by being advised that the only solution was medication—Dr. Frear was willing to try anything. So, when her brother-in-law and fellow chiropractor Dr. Brock Frear started pushing her to get Bradley’s spine evaluated, she did; even though she wasn’t sure how it could help. As it turns out, there was  pressure on the nerves in Bradley’s upper cervical spine. Six weeks into his treatment, things slowly began to change. “First he started to form words,” recalls Dr. Frear. “Then those words turned to sentences and today I have a normal-functioning fifth-grader who is nowhere on the spectrum. If it wasn’t for chiropractic, I’m not sure
where our family would be other than bogged down with medication and no answers.”

According to Dr. Frear, Bradley’s issues were the result of pressure on the nerves from the spine being misplaced or out of alignment. These misplaced vertebrae were putting pressure on the nerves that control his ears, causing a miscommunication between his brain and ears. This miscommunication caused fluid to build in his eustachian tubes, resulting in ear infections. By removing the pressure through the chiropractic adjustment, his body was restored to its natural state, functioning at 100 percent.

And it wasn’t just Bradley’s life that was changed by a chiropractor. Dr. Frear’s husband, Blake, who now works as her practice’s clinic director, dealt with anxiety, depression, gastric reflux, ADD, insomnia and seizures that left him on six different medications. He started implementing regular chiropractic care and is now medication-free. Their
daughter, Abigail, no longer suffers from headaches and vomiting like she did when she was five.

“After living with chronic headaches since I was a young child, I’m also now headache-free,” affirms Dr. Frear. “Our lives were changed. My husband and I wanted to be able to give people hope and answers. It’s not always medication, and surgery is not always the first line of defense.” So the pair started New Journey Chiropractic in Ormond  Beach and have been in the business of helping people ever since.

Dr. Frear said her overall mission is to get people to take care of their spines as much as they take care of their teeth. “So many people wait until they have a crisis situation before coming in,” she says. “It’s not their fault because no one teaches them. We know to brush our teeth and go to the dentist, but not to go to the chiropractor.” When people finally do go and see Dr. Frear, they sometimes find that not only can she help their neck and back pain, but often headaches and even occasionally other health concerns. Every patient is different, and chiropractors don’t treat a specific condition, but Dr. Frear shares that when the body is restored to its natural state, it often knows how to heal itself. “Chiropractic may not cure every problem, but it will help restore the function of the body so it can live and thrive the way it’s designed to,” she adds.

For more information about Dr. Frear and New Journey Chiropractic, located at 292 N. Nova Rd. in Ormond Beach, visit NewJourneyChiropractic.com.

Dr. Frear said her overall mission is to get people to take care of their spines as much as they take care of their teeth