Community Spotlight
From Patient to Practitioner: Discovering Chiropractic
by Noah Chen


Dr. Wendy Edwards, founder of Be Well in New Smyrna Beach, didn’t always want to be a chiropractic physician. In fact, she was in the back seat of a car, contemplating her next steps after her last job had become recently dissolved, when the car she was in crashed.  The silver lining is that Dr. Wendy began seeing a chiropractor after the accident. “I was in my mid-twenties and didn’t take great care of myself, but after a few visits to my chiropractor, I felt better than I had my entire life,” she says.  “It was probably after four visits that I told my chiropractor, ‘Hey! I want to go to school for this.’”

It’s been nine years since Dr. Wendy opened Be Well, but she hasn’t done it all on her own. Dr. Wendy’s husband, Dr. Christian Edwards, eventually decided to become a chiropractor as well.  “I really didn’t know much about chiropractic when we first met,” admits Dr. Christian, “but through our relationship I learned more about it, and knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Dr. Christian had previously suffered from horrible neck and back pain that he attributed to years of traveling for his previous job. He had been taking Ibuprofen every day but quit entirely after two chiropractic adjustments. “I felt completely different,” he affirms. “I stayed under regular chiropractic care and eventually went on to graduate from Palmer Chiropractic College.”

Once Dr. Christian graduated, he joined Dr. Wendy’s budding practice. The two joined forces with another local business, Family Nutrition, and together they created The Healing Zone, which is located at 515 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach.

“It’s unlike anything else around,” says Dr. Wendy. “Our partnership with the nutrition store and the Superfoods Café is what makes our practice so unique. The majority of people who come in feel a comfort as soon as they walk through the door.”

“It’s a warmer environment than your typical doctor’s office,” assures Dr. Christian. Dr. Wendy agrees, estimating that the pair regularly hugs at least half of their patients, because of how close they become to them while under care. “It’s almost like family with them,” says Dr. Wendy. “When a new patient walks in and sees how close we are with our patients, and we have a smile on our face, and we do care and spend time with them, that really matters.”

“We’re very patient-centered,” says Dr. Christian, who notes that Be Well’s pricing is very patient-centered too. “We charge by the amount of time that we spend with them, and we can gear any session to whatever a patient feels like they need.  I might say, ‘look, I think I’m going to need 20 minutes with you next visit,’ but the patient can schedule more or less time depending on what meets their own personal needs.”

Be Well doesn’t see personal injury patients, but they do care for people suffering from all sorts of ailments that have been caused by lifestyle or the natural wear and tear of life. “We see a lot of athletes and families; mostly, a lot of weekend warriors,” says Dr. Christian. People who work jobs that entail a lot of travel, or time spent in cars, can often benefit from chiropractic as well, as was the case with Dr. Christian himself.  Plus, Dr. Wendy shares that she cares for a lot of kids and expecting mothers as well. “We’ve been adjusting our own kids since birth, just to keep them healthy,” she confirms.

Aside from chiropractic, the doctors have branched out into offering Class IV (K-Laser), Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and functional medicine—all of which is offered at Be Well, along with massage therapy.  “The branching out happened when I started seeing patients and recognizing there was a need for more,” shares Dr. Wendy. “We both feel that chiropractic is amazing on its own, but knew there were other beneficial modalities to help make a greater impact.”  Dr. Christian agrees. “We’ve discovered that microcurrent and laser just really speed up the healing time…and functional medicine is great for those who went the traditional medicine route, but their doctors were unable to find the source of their problem. He explains, “A functional medicine practitioner will look at more specific testing in order to locate imbalances within the body and then recommend natural approaches to help correct them.”

Be Well is heading into its ninth year, and the doctors see these expansions in practice as natural ways to continue to help people relieve their pain, feel better, and live their lives more fully. “It’s so rewarding to be in a profession where we help people every single day,” the pair enthusiastically agrees. “We can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Location: 515 Canal St., New Smyrna Beach. For more information, call 386-402-8997 or visit