February is in the air! Just thinking about the season of love gives my spirit a lift. Delectable chocolates, fresh flowers, and loving kindness will be spread throughout the land on Valentine’s Day, and I look forward to relishing in all the good juju that’s being generated in honor of this holiday.

Even in this digital era, February 14 is still the biggest day for greeting card sales. Spreading Valentine love extends way beyond family and intimate partnerships. Could it be we all truly love expressing feelings of affection? I think so. Connecting with another through a mutual exchange of affection sparks all kinds of brain chemicals. This season of love is the perfect time to practice strengthening your heart vision.

Seeing the world through your heart casts everything in a better light. It’s like putting on rose colored glasses, only better. Heart vision sees before our intellect and experience engage. It perceives the unseen, the intention behind the action. Heart vision, or heart intelligence, is your inner voice, and is worthy of your attention.

Recently I began a course on the connection between our heart and brain. I am   fascinated by the theory that our heart contains its own independent nervous system, or ‘heart brain’, that can sense, feel, learn and remember. Intuition comes from the heart.  Syncing your heart and brain will put you in peak mental and emotional condition. It will lessen your stress, deepen your relationships, and improve the quality of your life. Achieving harmony, or synchronization between your heart and your brain is really simple. If you’d like to know how, just send me an email.

Heart is the symbol for Valentine’s Day, and this month’s issue has a big focus on hearts. You’ll read about the best supplements for your heart, healthy heart tips for women, heart-healthy recipes, and the importance of heart-to-heart connections for emotional health. Check our calendar for special heart-felt events that will help you connect with yourself and others this month.

A Hawaiian friend recently reminded me that Aloha means ‘with love’, so it seems fitting to close this month’s letter by saying Aloha to you, dear readers.