Every brand-new year is like a 12-chapter book of blank pages, a continuation of our life’s story waiting to unfold. The newness of each year beckons us to make resolutions, decisions and changes in our life’s path. How will we make decisions with confidence and then manifest the things we intend for this year? Pushing past our natural resistance to change is hard. No doubt we’ve all looked back at our resolutions in past years with a sigh. This past year I began studying coherence of mind, heart and gut and have recently experienced a higher level of intuition which has helped with key decisions. Of course, it’s easier to stay on course when you’re confident about your decisions. Read about developing your intuition and the mind, heart, gut connection on page 19.

Twenty-five years ago, Natural Awakenings founder Sharon Bruckman used the power of manifestation to transform a brochure advertising yoga lessons in her garage into the largest franchise publishing network in the natural health industry: Natural Awakenings magazine. Our network of 74 franchise owners is a source of light in the communities we serve. Entering my third year as publisher I’m grateful for the opportunity to network and serve our readers and dedicated wellness partners. You can read about Sharon and her journey giving life to Natural Awakenings on page 22.

Our wellness partners are the heart and soul of our magazine. They’re the leaders in our natural health community and we love nothing more than the opportunity to connect them to you, our cherished readers. I’m excited to announce that starting this month, we’ll feature one of our wellness partners in a Community Spotlight article. This month’s Community Spotlight will highlight Carl Seaver and Shannon MacDonald, owners of The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach. I know you’ll enjoy getting a close-up look at this delightful pair, and many of our amazing wellness partners through this new monthly feature.

May your new year be filled with lots of love, joy, abundance and dreams fulfilled. Enjoy this first edition of 2019 and help us spread the light by passing a copy along to a friend.