How did it come to be that a heavy metal, motorcycle riding, former chiropractor and business owner, turned international psychic and medium from New Jersey, and a horse riding, country living, registered nurse turned spiritual energy healer from Oregon meet, and combine forces to open The Karma Castle, the area’s first center for Spiritual Growth and Intuitive Development in Ormond Beach?

International Psychic and Medium, Carl Seaver and Spiritual Healer, Shannon MacDonald portray a real-life story of “a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll,” and how East meets West as they decided to follow their hearts to make Ormond Beach their home.

In late 2013, Seaver was part of an international teaching team for a holistic energy healing company that was holding a seminar in Denver. Hundreds of participants from all over the world attended this seminar, and MacDonald was one of them.

At the conclusion of the seminar MacDonald, shy by nature decided to take a brave action as she walked up and introduced herself to Seaver. “Something inside of me knew that I would forever wonder why I was so magnetically drawn to him if I didn’t follow my intuition,” she recalls. Fortunately for the pair, she wasn’t the only one who felt the magnetic force between them. It was this encounter in which the course of their lives would be drastically altered, as their journey together began from opposite sides of the country.

It was just a matter of months before their lives were joined together as Seaver moved from the paved sidewalks of New Jersey, and the glitz and glamor of neighboring New York, to a 40- acre ranch with horses, dogs and plenty of unpaved paths in Bend, Oregon. “We have been on an accelerated path since we met, and this is what happens when energy is in alignment,” says Seaver.

After the move, they agreed to give the small town a minimum of two years to see if it would be an energetic fit for their combined talents. Those two years sped by. While facing another long, cold and snowy winter, the duo decided to focus their combined intention on creating a place where they felt they could live and thrive and where shoveling snow was no longer an option. While visiting Daytona in the spring of 2015 for Bike Week, they decided to take a 2000-mile motorcycle trip around Florida to see where they may want to relocate. After that trip, they both enthusiastically agreed that Ormond Beach met all of their needs.

Opening The Karma Castle was a combined dream of inspired intention. After moving to Ormond Beach, it didn’t take much time to the realize that their office was too small to meet their growing dreams of having a larger space where they could offer more services to the community. “Our vision was to provide a platform where we could utilize our combined abilities to teach and inspire people to expand beyond their perceived limitations into knowing that they are limitless,” explains Seaver. “When we discovered the location where The Karma Castle currently exists, we knew immediately that this was yet another affirmation of the power of intention and mutual creation.”

The Karma Castle offers several workshops and classes to enhance one’s spiritual growth and intuitive development. One of their most popular workshops is Mediumship Development where Seaver teaches The Essentials of Mediumship. “Within the first day students begin communicating with The Spirit World. The art of mediumship is the ability to perceive and communicate with loved ones in The Spirit World, and to provide verifiable evidence of that person in spirit to the recipient.” Seaver affirms that many people have the ability to sense or perceive the presence of The Spirit World, but it is the “communication” that differentiates the sensitive person from a medium.

The Karma Castle also holds weekly Psychic Development classes on most Monday evenings. These classes are designed for all abilities, from absolute beginner to advanced levels. “So many people are afraid of the word ‘psychic’. Psychic does not mean fortune telling or predicting the future. In reality, being psychic is an advanced form of intuition. It is merely a way to describe that someone has formally developed his or her intuition into a deeper level of knowing,” says Seaver. “People are not afraid to say that they were ‘led’ by their intuition, or they had a ‘gut’ feeling. A psychic is just someone who has developed this innate ability to expand their awareness beyond their own physical boundaries in order to sense and perceive the energy of other people and things.”

Seaver attests that psychic abilities are exactly that—abilities. “They aren’t gifts.
We all have intuition, some of us just pay more attention to it than others, and some of us develop it more than others.”

In addition to their calendar of classes and workshops, Seaver holds Mediumship Demonstrations that are open to the public. These demonstrations are designed for an audience. During these events, he offers messages and connection from The Spirit World to some of the members in the audience.

MacDonald’s services include Spiritual Healing and Guided Meditations. A practicing energy healer for over 20 years, she has the ability to see and feel the energy field within, and around her clients. “Spiritual Energy is a universal Life-Force Energy, which flows within The Divine Frequency of love,” she explains. “In the case of spiritual healing, love is not a measure of emotion, but a state of consciousness.” As she “tunes in” to the energy of her client and the harmonizing energy of The Divine, physical, emotional and spiritual healings occur.

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