There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy. ~Ralph H. Blum

Let’s all make it our chief mission to get through this holiday season feeling blissful and energized instead of stressed and frazzled. It’s simple, really. Immerse yourself in gratitude. I love setting aside November to practice gratitude. What better way to prepare for the season of giving than to focus attention on the countless ways we’ve been blessed.
Practicing mindful gratitude will open your heart and infuse it with joy. With intention, notice all the beauty and goodness in your life. Learning to slow down and savor the goodness in all areas of your life will, over time, help you to notice even more reasons to embrace gratitude. Studies show our brain chemistry changes and the frontal cortex is thickened simply by practicing mindful gratitude.
Adopting this practice requires directing your attention to the good in all things and becomes easier with time. Recognize the gifts of people and situations that have helped you grow. Remember your accomplishments and let them become positive experiences. Lean into those feelings of gratitude with your heart rather than your mind. Visualize the positive emotions soaking in and becoming part of you, like water into dry ground. This practice of bathing your heart in feelings of bliss will open you to experience even deeper levels of gratitude.
Gatherings with cherished friends and family will be brighter when we focus on the good in every soul and circumstance. Choosing gifts will come easily when we’re giving from a place of loving kindness. Let’s keep it local this year and support the business owners in our community. They’re here for us year-round, with knowledge and experience that can’t be found in an online shopping cart. My loved ones will receive gifts of healing and pampering that will be long-remembered and appreciated.
My wish for you is to be filled with gratitude this season. Enjoy your November edition, lovingly prepared to bring light to our community.