September 2018 Publisher Letter

I hope your summer was filled with exciting adventures and some much needed rest and relaxation. Does the arrival of September bring changes to your routine? Whether
it’s back to school, back to work, or simply putting white shoes and purses away until May, you’re going to feel an energy shift this month.

The Autumn equinox on Sept 22 marks the official transition from summer to fall. As the sun crosses the celestial equator, the seasonal wheel turns. Days will begin to
shorten as the sun enters the southern hemisphere and its rays reach us from the opposite angle. All the animals and natural world take their cue to prepare for the shift. My horses will sprout a thick winter coat as they perceive the directional shift in the sun’s warmth. Plants begin internal changes and prepare for a time of dormancy. Leaves fluttering to the ground remind us that our lives mirror the cycles of nature.

Our ancestors spent a greater amount of time outdoors and were connected to the rhythms of nature and celestial energy. Most of the world’s cultures and religions
celebrate with festivals or rituals that symbolize the transition triggered by the Autumn equinox. Monuments including the great pyramids and The Sphinx are positioned to
align with celestial events. Many cultures begin their new year in September.

This transition into autumn calls us to balance our lives. As the sun enters Libra, the astrology sign symbolized by perfectly balanced scales, day and night are equally balanced over the entire planet for one day. It’s an invitation to create balance in all areas of our lives. Do you feel a call for achieving balance between light and dark, joy and sorrow, and inviting in more ease while moving away from struggle?

Embrace this season of duality in all its forms and understand that difficulties are temporary. The ebb and flow of life is constant and will prevent us from being stuck, no matter how stuck we might feel. All of nature is turning within for illumination. Tap into the wisdom and courage within you and know that with mindful intention you’ll find balance and harmony in all things.

September blessings to you!