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August 2019

The arrival of August is a countdown to summer’s end, and a return to a more scheduled life for many families. If you haven’t taken a summer vacation yet, now’s the time to squeeze one in. I much prefer our natural ‘theme parks’, and
North Florida has many within a short drive. Beach vacations or freshwater springs are my personal favorites. Family-friendly state park facilities make it easy to enjoy our area’s natural beauty with the entire family.

Rediscover the joy of riding a bike again; it really is something you never forget. I find it impossible to be anything but joyous when coasting on my bike. No surprise that biking has positive effects on the brain and can improve cognitive function, depression and more. Spinning can even benefit brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Read about it on page 16.

Physical Therapy for Pets at Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation in DeLand

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Holistic and alternative therapies have been growing in popularity over the past decade. We find these modalities to be helpful for ourselves, so why not use them for our furry friends? The newest field in veterinary medicine is canine rehabilitation. This physical therapy for pets integrates alternative therapies that relieve pain and inflammation such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, laser and supplemental therapy. At Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation in DeLand, rehabilitation veterinarian Dr. Lisa Mason, a veterinarian…

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Passionate About Essential Oils. Catching up with Ashas Elixirs founder, Sam Warren

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According to Asha’s Elixirs founder Sam Warren, we are the first generation of human beings to have the entire world’s knowledge of essential oils at our fingertips. For those that are into “all things natural,” he believes it’s truly a great time to be alive. “Essential oils are effective at helping us find relief from many of the aches, pains and illnesses that living in this modern world presents to us,” says this plant medicine…

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Ormond Beach Chiropractor Wants People to Take Their Spinal Care Seriously

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Ormond Beach Chiropractor Wants People to Take Their Spinal Care Seriously by Emily Blackwood If you ask Dr. Jayme Frear why she left her decade-long career as a registered nurse to pursue chiropractic, she won’t tell you it was for the title or the higher paycheck; it’s  because the practice literally changed her family’s lives. When he was only two-years-old, Dr. Frear’s son, Bradley, was dealing with delayed communication skills and  numerous ear infections that were promised to be fixed through surgery. That instead brought on…

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From Patient to Practitioner: Discovering Chiropractic

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Community Spotlight From Patient to Practitioner: Discovering Chiropractic by Noah Chen   Dr. Wendy Edwards, founder of Be Well in New Smyrna Beach, didn’t always want to be a chiropractic physician. In fact, she was in the back seat of a car, contemplating her next steps after her last job had become recently dissolved, when the car she was in crashed.  The silver lining is that Dr. Wendy began seeing a chiropractor after the accident.…

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This is my favorite magazine for body, mind and soul! There is not enough information out there that is actually uplifting, empowering and inspiring. NA helps bring all this together in each publication to educate in a positive way to help let people know there are many other options and ways to live and believe other than fear based, and pharmaceutical based media and advertisements.

Shannon M.

When I owned a brick and mortar retail business, Natural Awakenings Magazine was by far the best advertising resource for promoting my classes and workshops. Now that I’ve moved into a new chapter, I really enjoy the great information and inspiration I find each month to support me on my wellness journey. A great resource for our community.

Kimberly C

Love this magazine! So much great information for people who want a more natural, better way.

Janine W

Wonderful magazine. Informative and a great way to keep up with events. I always look forward to reading it.

Joy Y

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