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Physical Therapy for Pets at Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation in DeLand

Holistic and alternative therapies have been growing in popularity over the past decade. We find these modalities to be helpful for ourselves, so why not use them for our furry…

Passionate About Essential Oils. Catching up with Ashas Elixirs founder, Sam Warren

According to Asha’s Elixirs founder Sam Warren, we are the first generation of human beings to have the entire world’s knowledge of essential oils at our fingertips. For those that…

Ormond Beach Chiropractor Wants People to Take Their Spinal Care Seriously

Ormond Beach Chiropractor Wants People to Take Their Spinal Care Seriously by Emily Blackwood If you ask Dr. Jayme Frear why she left her decade-long career as a registered nurse to pursue…

From Patient to Practitioner: Discovering Chiropractic

Community Spotlight From Patient to Practitioner: Discovering Chiropractic by Noah Chen   Dr. Wendy Edwards, founder of Be Well in New Smyrna Beach, didn’t always want to be a chiropractic…

Acupuncture Proves Beneficial for Weight Loss 

by Lorenzo Phan According to the Center for Disease Control, healthcare costs associated with obesity are reaching $150 billion annually. In the U.S., obesity is responsible for more than 300,000…

Intravenous Vitamin C Promotes Healing

When battling chronic disease, FloridaWild empowers the body to help itself heal with many modalities, including high dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. In 2008, the National Institutes of Health (NIH)…

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